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About Us

Holistic Medicine and Personalized Treatment

Welcome to Alaska Psychiatric Solutions! I am a Board-Certified Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist, trained in understanding the complexities of health and disease. This scientific foundation empowers me to utilize a holistic model of medicine, crafting personalized treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of each patient.

I believe deeply in the importance of cultural appreciation and competence. This understanding informs my collaborative work approach, integrating the expertise of general medical professionals, psychotherapists, nutritionists, and alternative healers. This multidisciplinary team ensures a comprehensive approach to health, treating the whole person, not just their symptoms. At the heart of my practice is a firm belief that mental and physical health are deeply interconnected. To achieve optimal well-being, we must give equal attention to both.

Striving to create a safe and welcoming environment, I encourage patients to openly discuss their concerns and participate in developing their treatment plans. I acknowledge the challenges that come with coping with mental health problems and aim to be a steady pillar of support on your path of healing. Recognizing the value of individual experiences, I consider each patient's unique background, personal narrative, and history as essential components of their treatment plan.

Kathy Gallardo, M.D., Ph.D.

As a highly accomplished medical professional, Dr. Gallardo has dedicated her career to the improvement of mental health in both children and adults. She received rigorous training as a physician scientist through the University of California, Irvine, completing her medical and neuroscience doctorates to fully integrate scientific, clinical, and leadership skills to promote human health. This strong educational foundation led her to further post-graduate training in the form of a medical internship and residency at the renowned Yale New Haven Hospital.

Seeking to expand her expertise and contribute to the field of psychiatry, she pursued a combined clinical and research Child Psychiatry Fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and Children's National Medical Center (CNMC). This invaluable experience allowed her to gain a deep understanding of the complexities of child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as to develop innovative treatment strategies and contribute to cutting-edge research. She is certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both General Psychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. This distinction is a testament to her dedication to providing the highest level of care to her patients and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.


Our Practice Areas


Medication Management

We offer personalized medication management plans, designed to ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes for a range of mental health conditions. These include evidence-based clinical support for tapering off psychotropic medications in a safe and medically-supervised way.

Individual Psychotherapy

Our individual psychotherapy sessions provide a confidential and supportive environment, helping clients explore their emotions, behaviors, and thought processes to promote personal growth and psychological well-being.


Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our neurofeedback treatments allow for real-time brainwave monitoring and modulation, empowering clients to better manage conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more.

Integrative Psychiatry

Our approach to integrative psychiatry blends traditional psychiatric practices with complementary and alternative treatments, aiming to treat the whole person for a more balanced, holistic mental health solution.

Play Therapy

Especially tailored for children, our play therapy sessions provide a safe and engaging medium for children to express their feelings, resolve traumas, and enhance their problem-solving skills.

Family Therapy

Through our family therapy services, we foster better communication, conflict resolution, and mutual understanding within the family unit, empowering each member to contribute positively to the overall family dynamics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at the first psychiatrist appointment?

Dr. Gallardo will provide a full psychiatric evaluation that reviews current and past psychiatric symptoms and medication use. She will also ask you about any physical health issues you currently have or have experienced in the past. An initial assessment may take place over several visits in complex cases or where the history is extensive. An individual treatment plan will be developed and may include a recommendation for medication and/or therapy.

For children and adolescents, parent/guardian sessions occur first without the patient in order to review developmental, educational, medical, and mental health history. The patient will be assessed at a subsequent visit.

Dr. Gallardo will ask you to sign a release of Information for your PCP, prior psychiatric treatment, and
educational records for minors.

Where are you located?

Alaska Psychiatric Solutions has an office in Juneau, Alaska and an office in Beverly Hills, California.

1200 Glacier Avenue, Suite 103, Juneau, AK 99801.

8484 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 750, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Is there parking?

Juneau: Free parking is available.

Beverly Hills: There is free 2 hour parking one block away at the La Cienega park beneath the tennis courts or paid parking under the building with monthly options.

How long are appointments?

Initial evaluations are generally 90-120 minutes in length, and may be split up. Consultations vary in length depending upon the complexity of the case and question(s) being addressed. Psychotherapy sessions are usually 45-55 minutes in duration. Medication-focused sessions vary in length but are typically 25 minutes, or up to 55 minutes in more complex or acute situations, or if time between appointments necessitates more in-depth inquiry.

Are sessions in-person or is telehealth available?

Appointments with children and adolescents are often conducted in person. However, telehealth is available on a case-by-case basis, with intermittent in-person assessments required in some cases. Telehealth is available for adult patients, with intermittent in-person assessments required in some cases. Please note that Dr. Gallardo is only able to conduct telehealth sessions in states where she is actively licensed (Alaska and California).

How does communication work in between sessions?

You can reach Dr. Gallardo by calling and leaving a message on the secure office phone at 907-600-1734 (Alaska) or 310-304-5789 (California), and she or an assistant will call you back ASAP for urgent matters and within 72 hours for routine issues.

The psychiatric practice is almost entirely paper-free. Scheduling appointments, prescribing, and non-urgent communication will be through the secure electronic health record, Osmind, either via the web or by downloading the Osmind app. Dr. Gallardo asks that her patients limit the use of text messages or email and use Osmind to contact her electronically and securely when possible.

Can I use my insurance?

APS operates on a fee-for-service basis and does not accept insurance. As an out-of-network physician, I am not on any insurance panels and do not bill or accept payments from insurance companies. However, many patients do use their health insurance to help them with charges. This can be done by submitting the itemized receipt you receive after each appointment to your insurance company who will reimburse you directly.  My technology partner, Osmind, can also submit these superbills to insurance companies on your behalf if you prefer, but fees in full are required at the time of service.

If you want to use your insurance to offset charges, please check with your plan administrator well ahead of your scheduled appointment about 1) your insurance companies’ coverage for outpatient mental health care. Ask about the dollar coverage per outpatient appointment for an in-network vs. an out-of-network psychiatrist. These differences may be quite small or very high depending on the insurance plan that you have; 2) the differences in the amount of the deductible between in- vs. out-of-network psychiatrists, and 3) the annual maximum that your insurance will cover for outpatient mental health charges. Understanding these three insurance plan rules will enable you to meaningfully weigh the options of in-network vs. out-of-network care and to understand and prepare for the level of reimbursement you may expect if you decide to submit your appointments for coverage. 

What does it mean to be "out-of-network"?

We operate on a fee-for-service basis and do not accept insurance (please see prior question). Fees vary according to session length. Payment is required at the time of service. Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX) and some ACH payments.

Fees are due in full at the completion of each scheduled visit via credit card on file or ACH payment. If neither of these are possible, advance payment retainer by cashier’s check may be considered.

A valid credit card is required on file for any additional service, missed appointments or late cancellations
(see next question and response).

What are your fees and what types of payment do you accept?

We operate on a fee-for-service basis and do not accept insurance (please see prior question). Fees vary according to session length. Payment is required at the time of service. Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX) and some ACH payments.

Fees are due in full at the completion of each scheduled visit via credit card on file or ACH payment. If neither of these are possible, advance payment retainer by cashier’s check may be considered.

A valid credit card is required on file for any additional service, missed appointments or late cancellations
(see next question and response).

Do you charge for missed sessions?

If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, please give at least 48-hours notice. Otherwise, your cancellation may include a cancellation fee based on our three-strike policy. The first late cancel/no show will be waived as a courtesy. The second late cancel/no show will be charged at half of the cancellation fee. The third and following late cancels/no shows will be billed at the full cancellation fee. The “cancellation fee” is defined as the full cost of the visit. Cancellations towards any appointment type will be applied towards the three-strikes policy. Excessive cancellations/no-shows may also lead to termination of services.

What is involved in scheduling an appointment?

Call 907-600-1734 (Alaska), 310-304-5789 (California), or email and leave a message with contact information to schedule an appointment. Dr. Gallardo will call you back, typically within one business day to obtain some preliminary information including the general type of problem you’re calling for, and the type of treatment that you’re seeking. She will also provide some basic information about the practice and answer logistical questions you may have.

Do you provide consultations and medication treatment for people who are in therapy with another clinician?

Yes. Your therapist’s agreement and willingness to participate in this type of arrangement is a necessary condition. We will also need your authorization to allow us to speak with your therapist and establish a collaborative working relationship with them. This involves clarification of exactly what tasks each of us will be responsible for, how we communicate, etc.

What is your confidentiality policy?

Dr. Gallardo exercises the highest degree of confidentiality and privacy possible in the performance of the work you do together. Her voice mailboxes are completely private.